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217-607-8132 | 723 S NEIL ST, CHAMPAIGN, IL 61820 | MON-SAT: 11A-6P

The Upper Bout

Our rock stars: You want knowledge? You just arrived at the right place.

Ricky Bright, Owner

Ricky Bright, Owner

Ricky came to Champaign in 1998. By training he is a fine arts major and a photographer. But when in 2006 an opportunity presented itself to join the local music scene he changed course. Through this experience since, he has developed his own vision for a musical instrument store. He wants to share his passion for guitars and music, and invites you to visit The Upper Bout.

Favorite Gear: Gibson© Custom Shop ES-339
Jacob Kroeger

Jacob Kroeger, The One with the Cat

Jacob recently graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, loves all things metal, punk and indie. He's currently been listening to Peach Pit, Megadeth, and Foo Fighters. He's looking to start his first band and you can often find him in the local DIY music scene!

Favorite Gear: A perfect, vintage Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/ Dog Ear P-90s, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier, the heavily underrated MXR Chorus and the best overdrive pedal on the planet: the EHX Plumes.

Favorite Companion: His orange tabby, Sebastian.
Elliott Barcus

Elliott Barcus, Master of Frets & Wielder of the Soldering Iron

Elliott is a local handy-man and gear head. He loves to pass on his pedal knowledge to those willing to listen and is always on the hunt for his perfect tone. Elliott has an affinity for old Davis records, Alice in Chains and the Strokes. If you see someone head down, bent over a box of guitar parts - it's probably Elliott.

Favorite Gear: His Freedman 50w Smallbox Amp, a 60's Standard Gibson Les Paul, and once again - the most underrated overdrive pedal: the EHX Plumes.