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EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny Octal Octave Reverberation Odyssey

Take control of YOUR Destiny! The Astral Destiny is an Octave Reverberation pedal with 8 unique Reverb/Octave types and primed for more options with the addition of an expression input. The effects range from wide open cavernous/ambient spaces and shimmering reverb with octave up and sub-octave pitch effects to upward and downward pitch bending. Whether you want to add some astral sauce to single note soloing, or create new almost synth-like pads and washes with sustained notes and chords, you'll get all that and more with the Astral Destiny. And with other inclusions such as an assignable expression input for real time manipulation, a switchable Tails mode to allow your reverb trail to decay naturally after switching the effect off, and eight user preset slots available for easy recall of your favorite custom effects settings, the EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny is the sonic manipulator you're been waiting for. Another really cool feature that Ben and Noah have been loving in their demo of this pedal was the Stretch function. The Stretch function adds a momentary change in pitch when switched on as well as a doubling of the reverb effect. It's really something special. We really love EQD here at TUB and we're so glad to get this brand new model from them. Check it out!


  • 8 Modes
    • Abyss: cavernous reverb effect, no octave effect
    • Shimmer: adds an upper octave to your reverb tail
    • Sub: adds a lower octave to your reverb tail
    • Sub Shimmer: adds upper and lower octaves to your reverb tail
    • Astral: adds upper and lower octaves, plus a regenerating reverb tail
    • Ascend: adds an upward pitch bending effect, recommended for sustained notes and chords
    • Descend: adds a downward pitch bending effect, recommended for sustained notes and chords
    • Cosmos: adds a regenerating fifth interval to your reverb tail, recommended for sustained notes and chords
  • 8 user preset slots for saving your favorite custom settings
  • Selectable Trails or True Bypass switching
  • Add chorus to any reverb with Depth and Rate controls
  • Connect an expression pedal (sold separately) for hands-free manipulation
  • 85mA Power Draw
  • Includes Manual, Unique Playing Card, Sticker, and Presentation Bag (could be good for picks!)