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  • PRS Artist Package Custom 22 Brazilian Rosewood 2017 Artist Top Autumn Sky

    Here we have the shop owner's exclusive PRS Artist Package. Ordered by Ricky of The Upper Bout to be the ultimate PRS Custom 22. Artist Grade flame maple top with Autumn Sky finish. This guitar has a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and cap. In addition, the entire neck is solid East Indian Rosewood. The guitar is in "mint" condition in every way. No marks, no wear, no issues at all. To round things off you will find mixed hardware, and 57/08 pups.

  • Vintage Harmony S5 Parlor

    Very cool, unique, and vintage. If you are looking for a guitar with something different then look no further! This little Harmony parlor is exactly what you need. It's bolt-on neck construction and laminate body give this parlor a tinny, jangly voice that would work well for slide players, blues players, or old-time folk players.

  • Harmony H590 Broadway Archtop

    A great looking archtop from 1950. Beautiful binding and plays like a dream.

    The neck joint is solid and the guitar is in excellent structural shape! This guitar is a great player.

    This Harmony has the vintage vibe you're looking for!

  • Taylor Builder's Edition K14ce

    the Builder's Edition K14ce is the epitome of Taylor craftmanship. The guitar was inspired by Taylor's groundbreaking V-Class bracing, which boosts the volume evenly across the tonal spectrum, increases the sustain, and improves the natural intonation of the guitar by creating a more orderly response from the soundboard. The end result is nothing short of extraordinary. Crystal clear, earthy tones with the perfect amount of bass response. This guitar plays as smooth as it feels, which is something we don't say often about a guitar but this Builder's Edition is special.