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New Pedals from 6 Degrees FX

Premium Point to Point Handmade guitar pedals. Each pedal is built with high-quality parts and materials such as; Bourns 24mm ProAudio potentiometers with dust shields, 1/2watt Carbon Composition Resistors, premium audio caps, and fiberglass circuit boards and terminals. These Canadian made pedals are guaranteed for Life. Here are some of the models we carry:

The Sally Drive Classic DC - Low Gain Overdrive / Clean Boost

The Sally Drive "Advanced" - Highly Tweakable 808, Low Gain Overdrive / Preamp

Millie Fuzz - Low Gain Fuzz + Medium Gain, Saturated Fuzz

Rodeo Drive - Medium Gain Overdrive

R3 Distortion - High Gain Distortion

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