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The Upper Bout

Gear Drop

We don't have what you are looking for, or you are getting your gear elsewhere? Check out our Gear Drop. While we would love for you to shop exclusively at The Upper Bout and make use of our skills and knowledge, we know that purchases elsewhere are part of the music retail landscape.

How can we help? Our Gear Drop gives sellers and buyers a safe environment to finalize their deal.

How Gear Drop Works:

  1. You found a used guitar online and want to know if it was accurately priced. Is it set up properly? Does it need new strings or any repairs? We can help answer those questions, and many more.
  2. You want to sell a guitar online. We can help you determine an appropriate price for the product. We can also help with the set up and any outstanding repair issues to help you increase the asking price.
  3. Buyer and seller need a place to go through with the transaction? Meet at The Upper Bout! We provide a safe and neutral environment for your instrument transaction needs.

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